Introduction of our Company

The company LT PROJEKT a.s. was founded in June of 2010 and is the direct successor of a privately owned company run by engineer Mr. Luděk Tomek. The transition between these two companies has been very smooth; LT PROJEKT has carried on with all of the previous company’s operations, activities and responsibilities.

The design office of Luděk Tomek – LT Projekt was founded in 1992. Right from the outset when this company was being created, the core team consisted primarily of experts in the area of healthcare facility construction from the former state-run firm called Zdravoprojekt Brno. As a result, LT PROJEKT has also narrowed its focus to healthcare facility construction. All orders are processed by an effective team of experienced designers and construction specialists – experts in healthcare facility construction.

LT PROJEKT a.s. ensures a multifaceted operation which includes project design, engineering and consultation; this covers everything from creating proposals to obtaining all of the necessary paperwork documenting the project as well as supervising the actual construction. Thanks to the many years of experience the company has had in both healthcare facility and spa construction, it can guarantee the highest expertise and quality of work.

In view of the company’s narrow focus, its priority is to create optimal designs and proposals that would match the needs of investors, so that the end result would not only be fully functional but also cost-efficient to build and operate. Investors access the company’s services for creating specific construction projects, but above all, they use these services to further the overall development of hospital facilities. Currently, designs made by LT PROJEKT a.s. are being used in the renovation of numerous Faculty and regional hospitals both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

LT PROJEKT a.s. can provide references from more than 50 hospitals, healthcare facilities and spas, ranging from large Faculty hospitals to smaller privately owned firms. One noteworthy reference includes the long-term collaboration with MZ ČR on the creation of standards for healthcare building appraisals.

More specific information about the company’s operations and capabilities may be obtained from its individual partners. Much positive feedback has been given about the company’s level of experience in healthcare facility construction and the quality of its completed projects. The company has also been praised for being able to meet clients’ needs, for effective communication and cooperation during the project design stage as well as the actual construction stage.

During the last few years, the company has expanded its operation to include places outside of the Czech Republic. It is focusing mainly on collaboration with its Slovak partners. Since the challenges in the healthcare system are very similar in these two countries, Slovakia tends to be the country where the company can utilize its experiences most effectively.